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As vaccines are an overall hot topic, I’ve recently been introduced to Dr. Carrie Madej and her interviews about tetanus shots. Dr. Madej is a Doctor of Osteopathy, which makes her more “holistically” minded (considering the entire being), as opposed to a regular M.D. whose practice is solely based on Rockefeller’s medical control paradigm. Dr. Madej is well-learned in multiple disciplines and is extremely outspoken.


Originally from Dearborn, Michigan, she received her medical degree from Kansas City University of Medical Biosciences in 2001. She currently dedicates her time educating others on vaccines, nanotechnology, and human rights via multiple platforms and speaking engagements.”


What we have been told about tetanus is that if you are cut by a rusty nail, you should be immediately treated or it will cause all kinds of major problems and possibly “death-like symptoms.” Many employers require the tetanus shot and medical professionals often convey the urgency of getting one.


I have never thought much about this particular vaccine since there are currently many others of a higher profile, plus this one has been around for so long that no one has ever really talked much about it.


This brief interview is very concerning: 


Dr. Madej tells us what her Med School said about why to take the Tetanus Vaccine. For example, you step on a Rusty Nail and it could contain the bacteria called Tetanus which could cause infection in minutes to hours, not days which could cause spasms and convulsions so bad that you could suffocate to death.


This was a LIE.


No one in HISTORY has EVER Died this way.


So, why are they prescribing it? Why are those with good insurance getting it and those on welfare not?


Fertility issues are very HIGH for those receiving it.


The WHO and NIH, since 1972, have been developing the tetanus vaccine for Abortion and Sterilization therapy. They have been putting the Pregnancy Hormone inside the Tetanus Vaccine, so every time you get it, it becomes an accumulative response. Your body will continue to have higher hCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin levels.


Your body learns to attack those spikes which can end pregnancies very early – often BEFORE you even knew you were pregnant.


They have used this in Latino countries, Africa and India and Dr. Carrie believes they were absolutely using it here.


The WHO admits to this. They are behind the Covid shots.


How can we Trust them?”


It’s very eye-opening to see this continual pattern from the powers-that-be-Rockefeller-Medical-Complex, along with their captive and “most trustworthy” governing bodies who are reputedly the world’s best informed with scientific studies but are continuously discovered to have motives that are purely financial and political. The real science gets buried and what is claimed to be fact is merely the “acceptable story,” which always supports the profits and control of the ones who run this Matrix. 


Once again, we see the same theme of population control by way of medical transgression against the public without consent or understanding when it is revealed that this “shot” is also designed specifically to interrupt the body’s ability to create life. People are told, and sanctioned when noncompliant, that it is a necessary treatment so that they can continue certain pursuits in life. 


People lose their jobs or are ineligible for hire without accepting this particular shot, but no doctor has ever told her patient before giving him this all-too-typical shot the actual function and effect it has on the human body, but rather we are convinced that the shot is to save them from some phantom rust monster killer.


This is just another quick reminder of the insidious and truly dangerous nature of this Medical Matrix to which we are all subjected. As always, be diligent and informed. Question everything because as we can see time and time again, the powers-that-be are not here to help us. 


Do not live in fear; live in knowledge and power.

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