The Banned Podcast Archives

As the NWO fascist effort to censor all content on the internet that disagrees with the state approved narrative, the SuspectSky podcast known as the War Room has suffered incredible levels of banishment from popular social media platforms.



The primary aggressor has been YouTube, where we unfortunately have had to remove all podcast material to maintain the ability to publish our documentaries and UFO compilations on that platform.  



As such, we have archived our original podcasts in two places; (1) Vimeo and (2) Google Private Drive.  



The Vimeo hosted archive is below.  Use the upper left corner to toggle between banned podcasts.



Click the icon to open the full Vimeo hosted podcast archive

Why did we choose Vimeo and not Rumble?


Rumble is our home for podcasts, however, there was no way to bulk upload over 150 large podcast discussion videos.  Unfortunately, this led to the decision to use Vimeo as the first line access for the podcasts.


However, because Vimeo is also known for censorship (they too removed three of our podcasts already!) the team has made available a Google Drive archive below The First Podcast banner.

Google Drive Archive

The Google Drive Archive contains ALL of the banned podcast content from YouTube and Vimeo.  The archive will open a file directory.  To play an archived podcast, simply double click the file and then click the play button when the media player opens.

Why were these podcasts banned?

Since the year 2020, major video sharing platforms have ramped up the censorship of content.  If any podcast briefly mentions one of the below content topics, the entire podcast is banned without opportunity to appeal.  The censorship is conducted by algorithmic voice/visual AI as well as human curators.


This means the YouTube/Vimeo/Other Platform AI enabled bots scan content for keywords and key images for material that violate the Terms of Service of the NWO and World Economic Forum.  The most banned content includes, but is not limited to:


  1. Anything that discusses obvious vaccine injury
  2. Alternative medicines such as supplements, human grounding, known therapies, etc.
  3. All opinions on the non-validity of the 2020 USA election (all other elections are open for criticism)

This is a non exhaustive list of banned content across these platforms, however, for SuspectSky it was overwhelmingly our distribution of proven medical opinions on the dangers of the Covid-19 jab and the obvious counting of 100,000s of illegal votes in the 2020 USA election that led to the massive amount of censorship.


THE BANNING CONTINUES.  As old podcasts are constantly scanned and evaluated by new updates to the banned content lists on these platforms, even podcasts that are many years old may be suddenly banned without notice.

Going Forward


All new podcasts will continue to be housed on our Rumble channel.  Any newly banned material will be added to both the Vimeo hosted archive and the Google Drive.

Once Rumble adds a bulk video uploader, a new channel named “SuspectSky Banned Archives” will be created and will serve as a centralized home for censored material.