How to Fake a Pandemic

PCR testing is a process developed in 1983 by biochemist, Dr. Kary Mullis, to streamline, so to speak, a complex process using large amounts of DNA to make copies of sections of DNA called “molecular photocopying”. This process of testing allows for the use of a small section of DNA to diagnose infectious diseases, as well as other applications.


This testing has been used for specific purposes since its development. As with all things, there are processes and protocols for this testing. The accepted practice has always been to test those with symptoms of whichever disease they are testing for. That makes sense, right? From the world before everything changed. If you went to your doctor with symptoms or concerns, they usually gave you a likely diagnosis, to assign which disease they would be testing for. But, again, it always began with symptoms…


Like, pretty much everything else, we saw these basic and common sense protocols go out the window and were faced with “Twilight Zone ” style processes. For the first time since PCR testing has been used (over 35 years at the time), we saw medical professionals across the U.S. (and the world) use this PCR testing in asymptomatic people, everyone was tested, regardless of practiced protocol and whether they were even exhibiting sickness. So we saw overwhelmingly unnecessary testing on every person. Also, diverting from accepted practices is that the “virus” used to detect in these PCR tests was so broad as opposed to a specific strain making the testing inaccurate for whichever disease you are looking for. The PCR test for Covid-19 was a hodgepodge jumble of over 30 protein clumps identifying strains of viruses that all are akin to the common cold.


And to further stack the deck in the favor of mass testing, the high cycle rate used with these PCR tests, made the results hypersensitive to many common ailments that are not necessarily “the most deadly virus since…” whatever such plague the media tried to compare it to. Essentially, we were testing for the common cold at precision levels so granular – virtually everyone tested was positive because everyone has some negligible amount of common cold in them at all times.


So, for the first time, we see this common and effectively used testing/diagnostic tool become a plaything to create the illusion of a global pandemic.


Next, we can get into the financial incentives that the media tried to claim were “fake news” yet are repeatedly found proof of. $17,000 per Covid death in hospitals funded by the federal government. Each person that a hospital states died “of Covid” in their facility brought into the hospital $17,000. That would make sense why there were so many questionable death claims that have never before been seen, most especially at this magnitude. The pattern became clear that “died with” and “died of” became interchangeable for the monetary benefit of U.S. hospitals. 


Were these same or similar tactics used around the world? I don’t know for sure, because the next highly inflammatory weapon used against the world was severe and blatant censorship. We all know that governments, media, etc. are not honest or forthcoming as they are required to be. They pass laws that give them wiggle room on their responsibilities toward us and downright break other laws as they see fit. Who’s going to hold them accountable anyway?


But what we saw during this “Covid Pandemic” is unprecedented in control and downright dangerous games. Social media created “fact checkers”, the internet was scrubbed thoroughly, media outlets were all given the same script and it became clear more than ever the connection and high-level orchestration of control among our country, and the entire world. Yes, UV light therapy, HCQ, Ivermectin, etc. are all decades-long proven treatments for many illnesses with similar symptomatology as Covid19. That’s why African countries, with OTC availability of these treatments, fared so much better even in the face of farcical data.


That is not a difficult concept for most of our readers as many of us accept the true ways of the world and the matrix in which we live. But the outcry and resistance from the sheeple were quite sad, but maybe somehow slightly illuminating to some who had previously been asleep.


One of the most obvious and concerning to me, personally, was how for the first time our Veterans were forced to get the jab to maintain their benefits. We all have seen disgusting and low forms of falsehoods for manipulation and control, but never have I seen it sanctioned that a population must adhere to a brand new and unproven requirement, or their hard-earned, life-long benefits would be taken away or disrupted. 


They tried to force it on our kids, which we do see in lesser ways with other vaccines and flu shots, etc, but there are ways to get around those things if you educate yourself. Many veterans are dependent on the benefits they receive due to illness and injury inflicted during their time in service to our country. Acting out on that specific population is egregious and criminal. On top of the fact that it is quite suspect what is actually in this so-called “vaccine” which, again, also varied from protocol and downright legal requirements of the CDC, FDA, and other governing bodies that are designed, by their self-proclamation, to keep the populations safe.


And let us not overlook the insurance companies changing their policies to exclude “covid” coverage entirely. I know for life insurance, but would that also become true for health insurance coverage?


Finally, there is the infamous “6% report” released by the CDC that clearly outlines the fact that of the 153,504 deaths during the first summer of this whole farce only about 6% died “from complications of” Covid. That adds up to around 9,000 citizens. And stated that the other 94% died of existing illnesses and were very advanced in age. The story was quickly shut down as “Trump and Trump supporters fake news” and the internet scrubbed much of any information that does not align with the accepted storyline.


I have a friend who was a nurse at a local nursing home that had zero “covid” cases. She stated that when the “national guard” (or some other similar governing body) came in to set up testing, they were very sloppy and unsanitary, they did not get fresh swabs each time, they did not follow any basic sanitation protocol, let alone during “the worst pandemic….” that requires people to wear masks and stand 6ft apart. And once the testing was completed, the entire facility was awash with “covid cases”. I don’t think we will ever really know, but these things are far too coincidental to be ignored.


What we witnessed and were subjected to, and still are in many ways, is an unprecedented shift of power and control that offends the mind and basic common sense. A dangerous and reckless move that overtly insults and assaults the thinking person. Very masterfully orchestrated manipulation and gaslighting by powers that exist outside just our country’s government, sloppy in many ways, but exceedingly arrogant, as they flexed their ability to control beyond any measure and at all costs.


What we’ve discussed today is how to fake a pandemic.

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