Target-ing Our Kids…

As another current event, I would like to discuss the most recent viral outrage. I’ve received a number of videos about Target’s most recent campaign project placing large displays of LBGTQ items.


I frequent Target, but am not an avid patron. I go in for a specific reason and leave. I don’t really shop around, even though I have always enjoyed their store. I never noticed any such display so I had to go investigate for myself.



To my dismay, I found one of these, already infamous, displays. I, personally, don’t care how people choose to live their lives, especially within the confines of their bedrooms. Do you. I do not, however, agree with, nor tolerate, children, being groomed and manipulated or exploited with overtly inappropriate and sexually charged advertising. It’s bad enough that marketers spend millions and billions on psychological warfare toward our citizens, most especially our children, to bully parents into buying cheap, GMO poison that leads to unprecedented physical and mental health problems in our youth. Using cartoon and popular characters to target kids. But this is a brand new highly aggressive and grotesque form of targeting kids.


Earlier this month videos began surfacing of enraged customers over Target’s new summer “Pride” line which includes children and infants clothes with obvious Satanic images, messages encouraging children to become trans, and even designed “tuck friendly” swimwear (for children!).


There are rainbow items of every kind, which is fine. But targeting children and babies is where it goes too far.


Target partnered with a UK-based designer, Erik Carnell, who is also a trans woman, or a trans man. I’m not sure how it works. I base it on biological gender and that is the pronoun I use, but I know that is a hot topic. So Erik is a biological woman who underwent the transition to live as a man.


Carnell is apparently Satanic, but it is unclear what is true or not. Based on the designs “Satan respects pronouns” which display pentagrams and goats with horns which are popularly accepted symbols among the Satanic community. When large corporations choose to jump out with such controversial statements they will find out very quickly if their patrons approve or not. Which is the power of the consumer. People forget their purchase power. Like our voting power and the power of our voices, we as consumers can lean on these corporations who align with political games and control to show them that they cannot act out on our children and ourselves. They do what they please, but they learn quickly when it hits their bottom line. That is the most powerful statement. As Budlight quickly learned the power of pissing off the people. Boycotts and hits in revenue on the stock market speak the most loudly and effectively.


While Anheuser-Busch’s stock initially responded fairly well to the boycott, Target’s stock price took an almost immediate hit. In the first nine days of the Bud Light boycott, Anheuser-Busch stock dropped 2.42 percent. From May 17 to May 26, the same amount of time into the Target boycott, the company’s stock price fell 13.5 percent.”


This is how We The People take the power back. If we don’t want this disgusting perversion to continue acting out on our children in schools and out of school. We can discuss, quickly, the heinous acts of grooming happening across our nation’s school systems.


Many states are beginning to pass legislation in response to the overwhelming amount of “drag readings” that are now popularized among elementary schools. So basically many, not necessarily all, of these “readings” are drag/trans individuals who come to read to young children and many of them are of a sexual nature complete with many sexually driven dances and shows of rolling around on the floor wearing inappropriate clothes. Many of these newly popularized events are specifically driven toward children, in fact, there was a Pride event in the street of an American city that was canceled (by the organizers) after the local lawmakers limited it to an adult-only event. How clear is that?


Another disturbing phenomenon is the number of school systems that are being discovered in all levels of schools, elementary and middle heavily, to have books in their libraries that teach young boys (specifically) to perform oral sex, on other males; as well as other trans/LGBTQ/Pride and graphically sexual content. There are various reactions to these things from school faculty and local government, as well as other members of the communities. There is a story of school administrators resigning after town and school board meetings concerning these things. There have been some lawsuits against schools. And many examples of pushback from the schools.


In one such meeting held in Georgia, a mother was stopped from reading a passage from a book that was borrowed from her child’s school library, for being sexually explicit. The mother was told she could not read such a thing as it was possible that children could overhear it. The mother responded with that being her exact point, but it was acceptable for the school to have it in their library which is only used by children.


Regardless of the age of children, it is not appropriate for content such as this to be forced into our schools. Kids have access to far too much information on the internet. In recent years, there has been a deliberate and absurd push for overt grooming of our children. Adults can choose how they want to live their lives and there is nothing wrong with being open-minded and tolerant. And just minding your own business, but at the end of the day, our children are far too impressionable and must be protected from the ill-will of this political and sadistic game we are seeing gain momentum.


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