There are many naysayers against the Rife Machine as it has been excised from the mainstream medical establishment which, as we already know, is headed by the Rockefellers. Perhaps I oversimplify things in my worldview, but if anyone with intentions like Rockefeller deliberately attacks or dismisses something, I am very curious as to why. As we know the agenda of the powers that be is that of complete profit and control. Keeping this in mind, the Rife Machine may have not been given the same level of scientific investigation as its accepted counterparts have since this heavy-handed construct is about controlling information and gaslighting the world into believing a storyline as it is given.

Some stories bring attention to the legitimacy of this machine. In 1934 Rife conducted experiments on 16 terminal cancer patients. The story goes that 14 of the 16 patients were cured after one treatment. And after more intensive testing the 2 other patients stated they were cured within a couple of weeks. I have not found the actual medical test results of this, but this is an interesting story to note.

Unfortunately, research with the rife machine [sic] abruptly stopped when the American Medical Association (AMA) refused to publish any paper supporting the rife technology. It’s commonly thought that the AMA was directly responsible for the suppression of the Rife device, which was considered “new medical technology.” In fact, in 1942 the U.S. Court of Appeals found the AMA guilty of suppressing new medical technologies in favor of drug companies.”

Not at all surprising as suppressing and censoring information is a regular practice of the AMA and the many other big businesses that form the construct of our society’s “matrix”.

Studies are still being conducted and the Rife Machine has been accepted as an effective alternative treatment for cancer and other life-threatening dis-eases. Finding a machine, though expensive, that breaks down the multi-trillion-dollar cancer industry would be devastating to the establishment. Not to mention the billions in profit and control from other forms of dis-ease and continued gaslighting. They need people to be convinced that we are sick to keep us vibrating at lower frequencies so we do not have the energy to discover the power within us.

The majority of people are barely surviving. It takes up so much bandwidth to maintain the stress and stories of illness and dis-ease in an individual which, as energy works, attracts and affects the energies around it. And we must remember that on a quantum level, it is known that everything is connected, so we can see how that wildfire runs out of control. “They” create the scenario and convince the masses to act it out and manifest it into reality.

Cancer is a terrifying prospect that we are convinced is nondiscriminant and ominous. The latest numbers from claim almost 2 million new cases of cancer in the last year with over 600,000 deaths. Everyone knows someone personally who has been touched by cancer either in their own family or that of friends.

It’s a sad and scary situation and quite enraging when we see the profit margins on pharmaceuticals as the expenses hit regular families for over $1700 per month for a single medication. And that’s after the hundreds of thousands of dollars in traditional medical treatment of chemotherapy and radiation, which we know comes with their slew of debilitating health and financial consequences.

Our environment is the main culprit which we have seen as an absolute part of “the matrix” with our food supply completely fabricated and natural methods made difficult or almost out of reach for many. “Education” teaches our children in schools, and the rest of the population is “programmed” through commercials and other venues of misinformation about our bodies pushing fear, insecurity, and downright harm. Water supplies are completely polluted and we are convinced that there is only one acceptable way to live which poisons us each moment we continue to stay “plugged in”.

The ramifications and side effects of this typical lifestyle are great and detrimental. People are kept in ongoing fear and trauma, which given enough time will naturally cause dis-ease as it is generally accepted in the “woo” and ancient knowledge communities that dis-ease shows up in our energy field first and if not addressed will manifest into physical ailments. So we are on a stage produced and directed by people who do not have our best interests at heart.

The best way to get out of it is to first, “know thyself” that way you can feel and understand what works best for you. And I will bet it doesn’t come from McDonald’s dollar menu.

Learning about our health on multiple levels and accepting that the mainstream system is not here for our benefit will allow us to be vigilant if misfortune strikes. Imagine being so in-tuned with yourself that you can address and transmute a dis-ease before it becomes physical. 

Imagine if you or someone you love received the terrifying news of a life-threatening illness and instead of being swept up into the revolving door game of the AMA and traditional western medicine, you were able to offer alternatives that not only work but could improve health and life altogether. It sounds woo-woo to some and miraculous to others.

On whichever side of the street your beliefs lie, we have verified proof that at the most basic level, “God” “Universe” “Source” “Energy” “Atoms” “Quantum” whatever you want to call it exists and can be affected purposefully for our good. The Rife Machine is possibly one of those alternatives that give people options, hope, and, most importantly, confidence within themselves and their ability to create realities instead of being acted on by the bullies of the world.

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  1. I’ve always thought there was some sort of a device or cure for cancer and other diseases. There’s no money in curing, just chronic dis-eases.

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