The Power Has Always Been Within…

Dr. Masaru Emoto introduced groundbreaking research about the power of words and thoughts on water. This is a very popular study from the 1990s where Dr. Emoto photographed water molecules after being exposed to “positive” and “negative” words and music. Adding different variables to the experiment Dr. Emoto then wrote words on pieces of paper and taped them to a vessel holding water to see any effects. And to answer skepticism and claims that Dr. Emoto and the photographers he hired cherry-picked pictures to fit results; he decided to run the same experiment in different languages that the photographers did not understand so they could not decide “positive” vs “negative” and just allowed the pictures to show the results for themselves.

Without fail, regardless of language or other variables, the experiments consistently proved that “positive” happy language of supportive or more loving messages created aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical molecules much like a beautiful intricate snowflake design. And negative or derogatory language consistently created asymmetrical and larger muddled and less pleasing patterns.

Dr. Emoto wrote a wonderful and easy read about his experiments called “The Hidden Messages in Water”. I highly recommend it as it goes deeper into his findings and what it means in this world. Many scientists have continued Dr. Emoto’s work and furthered it by creating machines that actually emit frequencies to specifically alter the structure and vibration of water as a way to cleanse or heal it, typically promoted for health and wellness.

Dr. Emoto’s work supports the findings of Hutchinson’s 528 Hz experiment mentioned in last week’s post that even toxic or poisoned water will “heal” when exposed to happy words and vibrations.

Dr. Emoto’s work specifically finds that water molecules’ design changes based on the words and intention placed into them. A popular practice is to speak or emit intention into water that one then drinks, the intention being that the vibration and energy of those messages are placed into the memory of the water molecules which then are taken into the person’s body carrying those intentions and good vibes with it. And as we all know, our bodies are made up of between 60-80% water…


This is one of many experiments that continue to prove an intelligence in this universe that allows us to create life the way we choose for it to be. That is a huge part of the secret to the power we all hold that is such a threat to the establishment.

Consider the ramifications with these findings in mind. If words in thought, spoken or written language carries a vibration that affects water creating beautiful patterns or ugly asymmetrical patterns just imagine the effects on all the water molecules within your body. Keep in mind what we learned about music and vibration, in the last post, and now that words also have similar and powerful effects on everyone on an energetic and eventually, physical level. We could heal ourselves and one another by loving one another and being kind in words and thoughts sending “good vibes” throughout the world. And imagine the damage done with mean, hurtful, insecure, spiteful, mean-spirited thoughts and the words of the music that is played on repeat to the masses. The news and popular media outlets drive hate and drama and trauma because “sex sells” or other negative low-level emotions are what keep people engaged in their content. It is sad conditioning that is no mistake or coincidence. Lucky for us though we have always held the power, its self made and each cell and molecule in our bodies can change the narrative at any moment with the power generated inside our thoughts and emotions.

Dr. Emoto, “Water is the mirror that can show us what we cannot see. It is the blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought. All it takes is faith if you’re open to it.

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