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Vibrations are all around us. They make up the entire Universe from every atom and subatomic particle to the largest galaxy we have yet to discover. We create vibrations with our vocal cords and through music, written words, and symbols and with each heartbeat. It’s incredible and almost overwhelming how both minute and gigantic this topic truly is. 



We all experience vibration every minute of the day. Whether we process it or not, we are affected by vibration and sound waves with every breath. Learning to first understand and then harness this energy creates magic. Many ancient teachings state simply that this is the purpose of our existence here on earth. This topic is so deep and wide it could be an endless series, but I will try to organize it and break it down into manageable bites. 



Today let’s discuss 528 Hz, which in vibrational terms of the solfeggio sequence is considered “The love frequency” or “The healing or miracle tone.” It is truly amazing how listening to things at this frequency does have a profound effect on us whether we can feel it or not. And as we will investigate, there have been many scientific studies that prove the tangible effect of this frequency on everything in our world. 



A Japanese study showed the physiological effects of listening to music with 528 Hz versus 440 Hz. 528Hz significantly decreased stress hormones such as cortisol and increased hormones like oxytocin, known as the “love hormone” in subjects. This decrease in stress and anxiety while an increase in “good hormones” were noted with as little as 5 minutes of exposure to 528Hz. 440Hz, on the other hand, generally showed little to no increase in good hormones or decrease in stress hormones, concluding that though listening to music at that frequency the subject may be somewhat relaxed, but the body was not comfortable. It also showed that extensive exposure to 440Hz increases stress response in subjects.


So what is the true significance of the distinction between 440Hz and 528Hz? To put it simply, 528Hz is central to all of nature. Fascinatingly, 528Hz is present in everything from chlorophyll (what makes plants green) to rainbows, the buzzing of bees, and, of course, our human DNA.

It’s amazing to think that each color has its own vibration that can be measured, therefore felt, and affect nature. 444Hz (for my numerology buffs) is another “magical number” that appears in nature and is quite healing and pleasant among the solfeggio scale. Naturally, 444Hz leads to 528Hz. 440Hz on the other hand does not have 528Hz in its scale. It completely negates this “healing tone” and interestingly enough, examining such a predictable storyline, music was once on the natural scale (432Hz, 444Hz, 528Hz) and was deliberately changed to 440Hz for the entire world starting in 1885 and completed in the United States in 1953. All musical instruments were to be tuned to 440Hz thereby altering (diminishing) the most powerful universal language throughout all of history – music – disconnecting those who listen to and create music (at least in the mainstream) from the power of these tones and the naturalness they carry. 



We are inundated with music everywhere we go. I’m not sure I know a single person who does not have music in his or her life in a favorite style or by a favorite musician and feels it deeply to get them through the ebbs and flows of life. Its pivotal and innate to integrate music and use its healing power. But we are all fooled and, in such a huge way controlled, by the music we have today in every car and device in our lives. How powerful and possibly insidious it is to make such a slight tweak and affect the entire energy field on such a global scale, yet one individual at a time. 



Why would it be determined by global musical commissions to change something as natural as the tone of music? What are the effects and potential uses? We may be able to infer some once we learn more about the healing tone of 528Hz. 



There have been studies and many stories throughout history of the amazing power and effect of this tone. There is a story I have found on several sites stating its validity about two electromagnetic energy scientists, John and Nancy Hutchinson, who ran an experiment in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 after the BP oil spill disaster. The water was left uninhabitable for sea life, poisoned, and polluted. The scientists set out a device that emits 528Hz on the beach about 25ft from the water. They ran the device for about four hours and then measured the difference in water quality. By the next morning, the water had visibly cleared and dolphins, fish, and crabs had returned to that area. Miraculous, indeed. 



Dr. Robert Naman, a chemical analyst with his lab Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc, ran his test samples to double-check the results that the Hutchinson’s claimed. 



Hutchinson’s method had reduced the amount of oil and grease from 7 parts per million to less than 1 part per million. In other words, the waters they treated had contained huge amounts of oil, and now they contained almost none.


“The official statement by the Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc. states: While the technology is not completely understood by the undersigned, it is clear that the process may have extreme value, and it should be given a chance to be presented and tested on a large scale basis.”


This is amazing to consider. Numerous studies demonstrate the power of the solfeggio frequencies’ effects on us and our world. 528Hz is found to be the sole tone that has the most consistent healing power among all of the others.



Another interesting use of 528hz is found in John Lennon’s famous song, “Imagine.” The song is played in this frequency and creates another level of “feel good” beyond the brilliance of the words. It touches us deeply to our core on levels that many may not even understand. There are so many examples to support these amazing claims and it is easier now than ever to just look up the tone on YouTube or use a singing bowl to experiment with it in your own life. 


There is so much more to this World than we know. Imagine a frequency that provides healing within our bodies, upgrades DNA, calms, and cures. It seems like something fantastical and otherworldly to our minds that operate in the “reality” we are told is acceptable. But it’s always a telltale sign, to me, when the “powers that be” manipulate or attack simple things that allow for independence and healthfulness. 



There are many more stories to discuss frequency and vibration and we will tackle those in future posts.


528 Hz Guide – Research & Benefits of the Miracle Frequency



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