Here we are facing yet another insidious and multi-faceted threat to our health and freedoms. Every time I sit to write a post about the government and fascist control that we live under it makes me think of the metaphor in The Matrix trilogy that explains it clearly, we are batteries to “them”. They want us just smart enough to pull a lever and follow the playbook they draw out for us, but not smart enough to question anything. They want us sick and convinced that we are “okay” just well enough that we can function and continue to feed the machine. A quote from the movie “Rounders” also comes to mind, “shear a sheep instead of skin it” that way you can go back again and again and “feed” on the source, instead of just one time, and the source is gone.

This topic is in the same vein as all the others, but quietly coming to the forefront of concern as more and more information is emerging. Of course not much in the way of “official studies”, but organically moving into people’s attention.

Microplastics. First, we will talk about what they actually are since this is a fairly new discussion. Microplastics are exactly what they sound like, microscopic pieces of plastic that pollute our world from soil to water and organisms (organisms including us!)

There are “primary microplastics” from plastic products such as makeup, clothing, fishing nets, the green and yellow sponges we wash our dishes with, etc. And “secondary microplastics” that come from the breakdown process of plastic products such as water bottles.

We’ve all seen the Dawn dish liquid commercials talking about oil spills affecting the ducks and other wildlife, ocean life constantly being bombarded with and killed by drink can plastic rings, etc. We have seen a large groundswell of grassroots companies making recycled products or conducting campaigns about ocean clean-up since the pollution of plastics in our waterways is a very real and imminent modern issue. This doesn’t include the chemical spills and other deadly and severely damaging forms of pollution that have reached every water source in the world.

Remembering the days of the “plastic makes it possible” campaigns now we are in this new crisis, and many people aren’t even really aware. First of all, it’s hard to consider just how many things have plastic or forms of petroleum and other derivatives of plastic in them. We have been inundated with the idea of the convenience of plastics and “the need for” things we may not be aware of that are plastic. Of course, the recent push to address the “global warming” and pollution issues definitely has a lot of people trying to minimize their plastic footprint and switching to things like non-plastic reusable drink containers, straws, etc. Unfortunately, the damage is already quite comprehensive. And of course, at the center of all of this, start to finish, are big corporations and their government regulatory puppets.

Rockefeller oil industry makes petroleum which makes plastics and creates commercials that push legislation that pays off and round and round we go in the endless cycle of profit and control. Are these top less than 1% er’s aware of the consequences of each road they create? Probably not to an exact extent. But they know well enough to minimize the flow of information and levy legislation in their favor. And most of all they know exactly how to profit from each path created, and block any alternative path until they dry up the well and figure out the next strategy from which to profit. This same game plan is used over and over so effectively, why would they change it? We see it in every aspect of our society.

Let’s touch on the unfortunate reality and probability of the effects of microplastics.

Microplastic contamination is ubiquitous in aquatic and terrestrial environments, found in water, sediments, within organisms, and in the atmosphere and the biological effects on animal and plant life have been extensively investigated in recent years. There is growing evidence that humans are exposed to microplastics via ingestion of food and drink and through inhalation. Despite the prevalence of contamination, there has been limited research on the effects of microplastics on human health, and most studies, to date, analyze the effects on model organisms with the likely impacts on human health being inferred by extrapolation.”


model animal and cell culture experiments, suggest that effects of microplastics could include provoking immune and stress responses and inducing reproductive and developmental toxicity.”


These are two very wordy snippets from the NIH and The National Geographic referring to studies about microplastics that show negative effects on immune response, stress response (adrenals, endocrine systems, hormones) and even inhibiting development in cells and organisms including reproductive processes. These are some pretty serious health concerns and it’s only getting worse.


As more research and studies have shown the detriment of microplastics on our water sources and aquatic life, we can reasonably assume the same bleak outlook for soil and ourselves. As one of our resident experts said, “soil and people are almost the same”.

Plastics are extremely difficult to break down within nature so it makes sense that when they are ingested into our bodies, food, and water sources they present a large problem for humanity among the rest of the natural world. We are not plastic, we cannot thrive on or even survive on plastic. So when our bodies are inundated with plastics our bodies’ natural response kicks in to attack the foreign objects. But, the body has difficulty coping with the effects of the chemical byproduct itself including endocrine disruption, cancers, cell mutation, and the like.

The consequences of the last 30+ years of plastics being pushed into every corner and crevice of our existence are that the damage is done and has led to a push to walk back everyday usage. All this is interestingly similar to the GMO food damage discussion. Hmmm.

Unfortunately, there are not many positive aspects to all this, but any meaningful remedy starts with knowledge. We must arm ourselves with knowledge and demand our innate rights to existence and freedom.

Health is truly wealth and anyone faced with a health crisis becomes keenly aware of how simple and necessary their health is. In every account I have heard, a health crisis can bring even the most dedicated “scrooge” to their knees. And the realization of the very deliberate attack on our health (wealth) and freedoms is shameful and quite infuriating. 

We cannot allow them to control our bodies, minds, or spirits. Knowledge is power. Applied knowledge creates change.

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