“Enough is Enough!”


Food is linked to everything our bodies do. Its effects are seen and felt daily and over time, yet the overwhelming majority of Americans do not understand the basics of how their bodies work and even less about the food and nourishment that it requires to thrive or even function at a healthy level. 


Food value has notoriously been downplayed by healthcare professionals and as we learned in previous posts, deliberately discredited and deleted from medical education. Not to say that it is easy to know which way is correct in this world of misinformation and rampant fascism. 


We have uneducated and bankrolled medical leaders teaching procedures over prevention, pills over food, or herbal remedies. And the soul-eating advertisers pushing “keto”, “vegan”, “low fat”, and “fat-free” fear, anxiety, and urgency. All scrambling for their piece of the pie with no regard or recourse for the lives that they impact with their sometimes complete fabrication of the facts. Their only concern is the profit margin for their shareholders and the next contract from Big Pharma or Big Food Industry. It is yet another, irresponsible and downright evil agenda to control and act out upon millions of people. 


Other countries have varying degrees of control over their food supplies and what chemicals they allow their citizens to purchase and consume. Our lovely country is quite famous for rampant consumerism, loose and dangerous laws regarding food chemicals, and what passes as “food” being grossly advertised and pushed for purchase in the average American home. In this, I will also mention that The United States is one of less than a handful of countries that allow pharmaceutical commercials to play on their media, mind control, and fear-mongering endlessly mainlined to our citizens.


Reflecting on the strategy we saw employed for the medical field around the turn of the century, today I am outlining a related topic that uses the same strategy. This, too, affects every human. Nutrition. 


The governing body that creates “the standard” for nutritional knowledge and acceptable science is The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) formerly the American Nutrition Association (AMA). The Academy creates the curriculum and holds the licensing and certification board for all dietitians and nutritionists practicing in the US. I, personally, was researching to become a Registered Dietitian (RD) which requires at least a master’s degree in the field as well as satisfying the requirements set by The Academy. It’s a lengthy and expensive endeavor that is required to work in public schools, hospitals, and many other public and governmental institutions. And like we found in the modern medical field, with this prestigious title, also comes absolute control over the information and threats keeping professionals in line.


I believe well-intentioned people tend to choose professions in this field. After all, you are informing people of how to take care of their bodies and health and educating children as young as five on how their bodies work as well as planning the school menu. Of course, I will mention that this is yet another nod to the agenda of stripping people of their confidence in our health and knowledge of how to care for ourselves in simple and natural ways. We have to be convinced that we are not individually capable of discerning these matters for this agenda to work.


The Food Pyramid is an excellent example of the gaslighting that Americans endure. It is accepted that the Food Pyramid hits overall metrics for general health, yet in 2023 Americans are infamously unhealthy, overweight, and mentally ill. Yet, no one is discussing the one major link that we each do throughout the day, eat. This connection is only recently gained traction as a topic of conversation, and that is still only in smaller circles. Big industry-turned-political control has an unyielding grip on American freedoms and lives (more than many people are willing to truly comprehend). 


The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics [AND, formerly the American Dietetic Association] accepted millions of dollars from food, pharmaceutical, and agribusiness companies, and had policies to provide favors in return, and invested in ultra-processed food company stocks, according to a study published today in Public Health Nutrition…The study was produced by public health scholars and U.S. Right to Know, a nonprofit investigative public health group that obtained tens of thousands of pages of internal Academy documents through state public records requests.”



The Academy accepted more than $15 million from corporate and organizational contributors in the years 2011 and 2013-2017. The Academy’s top contributors in 2011 and 2013-2017 were:

      • National Dairy Council $1,496,912

      •  Conagra Inc. $1,414,058

      •  Abbott Nutrition $1,246,389

      •  Abbott Laboratories $824,110

      •  Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation: $801,261

      •  PepsiCo Inc. $486,335

      •  Coca-Cola Co. $477,577

      •  Hershey Co. $368,032

      •  General Mills Inc. $309,733

      •  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality $296,495

      •  Aramark Co. $293,051

      •  Unilever Best Foods $276,791

      •  Kellogg USA $273,272


    Another self-proclaimed scientifically backed health organization is the NIH. I have seen some wonderful studies and health-focused information come from the National Institute of Health. I know some brilliant people who swear by this organization. And sadly, I’ve seen them compromised as well. Specifically for the “Covid culture” and that is a shame. Again, no big surprise, but just another reminder that if we are to know and understand anything about ourselves, our world, our health, and our well-being, we have no allies.


    I was sent a very interesting news briefing about the continued food politics that we all are subjected to. According to the newest health, nutrition, and food news it seems after many grants and investments were given to the infamous Dr. Fauci, new studies are somehow claiming that name-brand cereals such as Kellogs Frosted Miniwheats are now considered healthier than eggs for breakfast. And a brand new food pyramid released by NIH suggests that we cut back on lean proteins like grilled chicken, eggs, and lean meats and replace them with chocolate-covered almonds, chips, and cereals. View the video below.


    Just take a moment to absorb this atrocity. Scientists are suggesting that science-backed “independent” studies support the idea of eating ultra-processed foods as our mainstay and reject the natural, age-old food that we can grow and make ourselves. Another, so-obvious, attack on our innate independence as well as our actual physical bodies and minds and, of course, our freedoms.


    This is a topic I can go on about for hours because it is so intricate and so heavily infiltrated that it boggles the mind how any thinking person can choose to see these actions as coincidence, or even have the slightest good faith in information from our government and any educational institution that we are inundated with. 


    The mind control here is very real, so I do understand that this is an incredibly powerful force that works tirelessly and with unlimited resources. But we always have our ways of rejecting their control mechanisms. We just have to stand up and say enough is enough.


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