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In this post, I will discuss the famous “Secret Society Speech” that JFK delivered and many conjectures that perhaps this was an action that led to his assassination. Listening to his words is a clear call to action in which he was very eloquent yet fairly direct in calling out the “forces” among us that will control by all means and conceal their every action and intention. And that with this ever-growing network of “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” we are in a clear and present danger more than ever. Monolithic means large immovable structure “constituting or acting as a single, often rigid, uniform whole.” That’s such a beautiful and terrifyingly accurate description of what we are subject to.


He specifically addressed the need for us as a free and independent people to be “fully informed” and a functional part of the structure of government as its constituents, and the media’s invaluable role and responsibility in this. JFK avidly spoke against censorship and concealment of facts, especially for his administration in an attempt to sugarcoat their mistakes. He specifically ordered every member of his administration to never block the media or the American people from the truth. He states that “government at all levels must meet its obligations to provide you with the fullest possible information, outside the narrowest limits of national security.” Speaking openly about those in government and other entities who mean to hide their actions and transgressions under the guise of “national security” using acts of war as the excuse, and how an ongoing massive network of untouchable men are never held accountable for their indiscretions.

He spoke candidly about the job of the American people and the media to maintain the balance by offering criticism to each administration, quoting an Athenian lawmaker who “decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy.” That the media is not here to please the people, or entertain, but to report honestly and fairly to inform the public which begins with the media, in their constitutionally protected role, to be honestly and openly informed by the government.


He spoke so strongly about the government standing under its principles that make this a free and independent country. And equally as passionately for the concerns of what he had become privy to in his position. I appreciate his conviction and courage to speak on these things so openly, and it had grave consequences. The likes of which we are still suffering, knowingly and unknowingly. It’s very clearly not a matter of opinion and has become more and more brazen by the opposition and their arrogance, and control, continue to grow in the last 60 years since this speech was delivered. This silent, yet seemingly all-powerful, monolithic, and ruthless conspiracy certainly made an example of this brave man. I dare say the tremendously accelerated discourse in this country (and the world) could be a direct correlation to this singular event. Of course, it’s much more complex with so many influences, but the assassination of JFK was a national and likely international devastation much like 9/11. It is a key point in our history that we see a shift in power and a public mockery of our way of life. This a little reminder to anyone who dares step out of line. The ’60s showed a great number of such reminders, but none quite as significant as murdering our president on live television. With JFK out of the way, Vietnam was prime for invasion giving the excuse of national security as the “information catchall” that he warned against in his speech. I was not alive during this era so I find conflicting time frames for this speech. I see claims from April 1961 to a week before the fateful day of November 22, 1963. Anyone who remembers the day he delivered this powerful speech can add it to the comments below.

Censorship and concealment are daily acts, probably since the powers-that-be made their statement. We see the strategy of constant misinformation still in full swing today. The complete corporate takeover of our media buttoned up any outliers and made the official story that much easier to maintain. With the rise of the internet, the deep state had to find a new way to maintain control, the same playbook though. Buy the businesses or at least deeply control them. Elon Musk dumped Twitter files to show complicit and deliberate acts, and everyone has known about Zuckerberg’s relationship with the “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.” We as a country just kind of seem to accept this misbehavior and violation of rights as something we cannot fight against. Maybe their statement was a powerful one, but I trust and I believe that we as citizens and just as humans are stronger than intimidation and control tactics. Where to go from here? It’s hard to say. We are in such uncertain times and it can be concerning and quite uncomfortable when you view from a wider vantage point, but never give into fear. That in and of itself is a form of control as it keeps everyone in low energy and defeating ourselves. No one has that power unless you give it to them. What calls to action? That’s for each person to search his or her soul and decide, but at the very least we should be well informed and never fear a force so great that it needs to play control games and hide away so as not to be publicly criticized or held accountable. My experience with such types of “schoolyard bullies” is that they are quite weak within themselves which is why they go to such great lengths to conceal and protect themselves from We The People who are far more powerful than we are allowed to believe.

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