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With the continued upsets from Elon Musk and his “Twitter dumps” I thought I would touch on an infamous American event. A generational trauma that still carries wounds and questions, that’s right, the assassination of JFK. This has been a major topic of interest since November 22, 1963, with many mixed emotions and, of course, a huge “conspiracy theory” attached. Interestingly, the phrase “conspiracy theory” was coined in 1964 as the catchall attack and gas-lighting of an entire nation. Every day trusting citizens were given this weaponized phrase and convinced that anyone who questions the official story should be berated and categorized as “crazy” (Eerily similar to the strategy the Nazis used to turn neighbors against one another or create the distinction between house slaves and field slaves so everyone would be consumed with fighting amongst one another).

It remains as effective now as it was then; people do not want to be singled out or judged among peers, so it helps to keep many in line. It is such an effective tool that people internalize it as their conviction and go to great lengths to marginalize anyone who is viewed as different. It’s amazing how the human condition is so well understood (scientifically, even) to be used against an unsuspecting public. This leads to many more examples of studies, research, and tragic everyday occurrences that work to keep people distracted and controlled in mass.

I suppose I was raised with a different lens than many such Americans who go along with the official story (whether they believe it or not) too afraid to question things that so obviously insult basic logic and critical thinking. Though there are a large percentage of people who are more like me, and the members of this group/podcast, unafraid to “rock the boat” as it were.

I was sent this news story featuring Tucker Carlson and am proud of, and a little fearful for, this man standing up to call out the obvious state of affairs. TUCKER CARLSON: Here’s what a source said about the CIA and JFK’s assassination

TUCKER CARLSON: Here’s what a source said about the CIA and JFK’s assass…Tucker CarlsonFox News host Tucker Carlson delves into the details of the mysterious assassination of 1963 President John F. K…

It is a quick and direct video that is more honest about these events than many in the mainstream over the last 60 years. It makes my heart smile to see that some things are finally being aired out, although it still leaves so much to wonder about. The massive machine we are all gripped within can openly admit to essentially any manner of crimes and arrogantly know that nothing can or will be done to them or even much disruption to the ongoing agenda.

In times past there was at least some effort put into a story that may, at the very least, have plausible deniability. Even though let’s face it, the “single-bullet theory” is quite insulting to any thinking person. Much like the untouched passport at the bottom of the Twin Towers’ rubble.

These days there seems to be no attempt to even come up with any kind of story, we are plummeting down the rabbit hole where we are speedily taken to a land of blatant lies and rampant open corruption. This agenda dates back probably to the dawn of time, certainly in the known history of the “civilized” world, and with all the hundreds and thousands of years of control and manipulation, something about this recent time seems so significant to the rapid deterioration of humanity. (Likely because this is the time we all chose to live, but I digress.)

Information is surfacing and becoming more openly accepted that our government did execute a sitting president, on live television, and cover it up for four generations. I’m sure there are some who, like me, are not surprised at all, but only amazed at the depth and breadth of rampant cognitive dissonance we are surrounded by. Though I also understand the powerful forces that maintain control today, which makes sense why they are still hiding many of the facts and details as it is damning to the ongoing establishment. As Carlson points out, if all the involved parties are dead (which was the requirement before allowing any information to leak) then why still hide facts? Because it has never been about protecting the individuals involved, it’s about protecting the institution. Murder being a normal pastime for those in power, there are many more stories directly connected to JFK, his assassination, and his associations.

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