Derailing Disaster: The Ohio Train Accident and Its Aftermath

What’s up with all the train derailments? According to my research, there have been a dozen train derailment accidents so far in 2023. We are two and a half months in and have major accidents some creating a major environmental crisis by way of chemical spills. The Ohio derailment is the most recent in a long line of almost nonexistent media coverage for any of these stories. Maybe this is a normal thing that Norfolk Southern budgets for and it’s not newsworthy, but I suspect that it’s more along the lines of a media blackout like with most things that truly affect us as a country and a population. While they make sure to cover Rhianna’s pregnant belly during the Superbowl Halftime Show….. and alien balloons.

And during this writing, there has been yet another report of a train derailment in Detroit. The town of Palestine, Ohio has held meetings to discuss the environmental effects of the derailment that dumped toxic waste into the local ecosystem. Citizens are concerned and rightfully want answers. The mayor of Palestine released a video showing the world the pollution of their waterways and expressing concern as to why he has not gotten any response from higher levels of government. I’m sure this would be considered an environmental emergency outside of the town and state jurisdiction and it would fall within the responsibility of Norfolk Southern.

According to the Washington Examiner President Biden has no plans to visit the disaster site. Imagine the President of our country passing up acknowledging the needs of our citizens in order to visit other countries supporting their drama and political play, ie: the Ukraine war. The government claims that some “alphabet soup” agencies are planning to “run environmental tests”.

The “official story” states that there is nothing to fear, no environmental concerns, and citizens should rest easy because there was no release of toxicity into the local area. Yet, video after video is being released showing the damage to the waterways in East Palestine, Ohio. Clear and obvious water pollution is present in the creeks and rivers surrounding the areas. The decision to do a “controlled burn-off” has been highly scrutinized as to whether this was correct and safe. I’m not sure how we could possibly know. There are some serious concerns about the motivation behind the potential knee-jerk reaction. Was it truly for safety? Was it a business move that works in the best interest of the railway regardless of what damage it may cause? After all, since when are things like public or environmental health ever the concern over big business moves? Defenders of the controlled burn claim it was the only safe choice to avoid an uncontrolled explosion that would shoot shrapnel for miles in every direction.

Clayton Morris on his YouTube channel called Redacted News gives a good review of the situation and brings up a lot of good points covering the concerns of citizens and the issues surrounding the incident and the way it’s being handled. There are also on-site interviews in this video.

Again, according to my simple worldview of things such as this, it seems pretty clear to me that with a complete media blackout on this story that there is an obvious deflection and agenda to bury the facts of the incident such as what caused it (along with the incredible amount of train derailments so far in 2023), what is the best thing to do to contain the disaster, and the ramifications and actual damages done? What about the people in this town, their safety, and the safety of the hundreds of thousands of others downstream? Why hide the facts of all the dead fish that continue to grow in number? Why hide the reasons behind what they are doing and the potential health damage? Why not evacuate the immediate areas as most protocols would dictate since operating with the most caution would seem to be the best course of action? There’s so much to this story that doesn’t make sense and that always brings me back to Occam’s Razor theory that suggests the correct answer is usually the simplest one.

This situation is unfolding by the second and all the major players outside of Ohio want everyone to believe it is not a big deal and that somehow aliens (UFOs) are now an acceptable story.

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