Is It Safe To Call It War Yet?

As a follow-up to last week’s post about the derailment emergencies, I am updating that situation and looking at the many other issues that plague our country that are given little to no media coverage. East Palestine, Ohio’s toxic train derailment on February 3, 2023, continues to bring concern and display incredible audacity. 


Reports continue to rise of Norfolk Southern representatives knocking on the doors of the affected residents claiming to be a third party there only to test water samples with contracts in hand that citizens are told they must sign for their water to be tested. Only, the bottom of this contract is a “Hold Harmless” clause that everyone is required to sign for the testing to be completed. Many residents are refusing to sign, for obvious reasons. Amazing how another infrastructure, big business, “too big to fail” is running about covering their liabilities first with absolutely no true concern or intention of fixing the environmental disaster they have caused over and over. 


Residents are leaving their homes because the water and the air are so polluted that it is not safe to remain even nearby. And what does our government administration have to say about it? Nothing much. They are far too concerned with the “crucial” (and profitable) Ukraine endeavors and the silly “balloon” manifestations that officials seem so choked up to describe accurately or even entertain much of a conversation. 


Amazingly these various destructive incidents are not categorized as acts of war. If we are at war, and I’m not sure what else is required to define an act of war (or when it is okay to discuss it), you could never know it by watching press conferences where these officials are blatantly avoiding questions concerning these real-world issues that are affecting our country every day.


Another “lovely” sidebar is the weird coincidence (if you believe in such things) of reports of the CDC conveniently changing the classification of vinyl chloride, raising the lethal and toxic level categorization just days before the derailment in Ohio, which spilled tons of this toxin into the local ecosystem. Interesting how that would happen simultaneously. And further interesting (in a sad yet comical way) that a “science-based organization” would suggest that the mere “pencil whipping” of numbers somehow changes the effects of toxic chemicals on the world around us. Similar to changing the acceptable ratios of organic chemicals found by blood tests that general physicians do daily and somehow gaslighting citizens into thinking their health markers are “normal”. 


The CDC update changed the lethal exposure from 100PPM to 100,000PPM. The lethal exposure level had remained the same for 17 years before the CDC decided to update the number just prior to the derailment, where highly toxic chemicals spilled or were burned off, leaving a chemical stench in the air nearly two weeks later. The catastrophe has been downplayed by the Biden administration and the media, and the Environmental Protection Agency has deemed the water “safe to drink” – despite the existing reports of wildlife and pets dying in the affected area.”


And let us not forget that FEMA and the Biden Administration still deny aid to the citizens of Ohio for this emergency incident claiming that this does not meet the criteria for assistance. All of this presents incredible contradictions and coincidences that should make any thinking person question what is going on here.


And any media blackout and stuttering from the officials is always a red flag that we are dealing with the crap cover-ups they so love to do under the guise of what? National security? It rather seems our national security is under attack and they don’t want to admit it. Why not? Because it’s another inside job? That seems the most likely to me. Whether by actual aggression from elements of our own country or complicity with those of another makes no difference in the eyes of common sense and the law, either case demanding the need for a response. 

I would say that it’s obvious that war here is and, as it always has been, against our freedoms and our way of life; against our ability to live peacefully and by our own protected and independent standards so accurately described by the Founders as “Domestic Tranquility.” 

So go out there and declare war on this dysfunctional and harmful establishment. Think Critically. Grow a garden and maintain your food security, learn the basic skills to live off the land, filter your water, and filter your air! 

Maintain the safety and security that your prudent conscience dictates. Remember that we are Americans! Our rights are innate and inalienable! Love your neighbors as yourselves!

We are all in this together and, make no mistake, they are at war with us more openly now than in recent history. Do not be intimidated, tricked, or scared. We are greater and more powerful than they would ever wish to admit.

‘Inside Job’: CDC Changed Toxicity Info on Vinyl Chloride Days Before Derailment

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