Continuing with our series on vibration I would like to touch on another fun and passionate topic of mine – food. That’s right, food also carries a vibration. It seems fairly common sense to me, but most people raised with the standard American diet couldn’t possibly consider the vibrational frequency of their food. But since we all are beginning to accept (I hope) the validity of this vibration’s existence we can view the world around us in that sense, from a higher perspective with much deeper meaning and connection.

Ancient teachings taught these things, and no matter what the destructive and heinous history of this knowledge has been, the truth still lives on. I believe we have lost a lot, but I also believe that it is there to be discovered again as the universal truth and therefore lives within us waiting for us to settle down enough to hear it again. Oh how well they know how to keep us piddling and distracted.

So back to the specific topic at hand, food frequencies. As with music, these frequencies are measured in Hertz. The measurement of energy in food goes up in scale the more living the food is, as it has more energy. So we can imagine that fresh produce is some of the highest vibrating foods. Dr. Emoto’s work on vibrations in the water leads us to assume that the higher vibrating a molecule the better it may be for us to consume (ie: taking that high vibration into our bodies).

Regardless of the unyielding gaslighting and information control, it has become accepted again that food is one of the most important factors in our health. “You are what you eat” and “Let thy food be thy medicine”. Food has the power to create or heal illness. Our medical establishment is deliberately counter-educated. The truth in eating for our health is undeniable as natural foods bring the most health in a physical sense, but also on a vibrational level. It’s fascinating to think about.

Even those who are not open to or familiar with this idea on a large scale, every single person has experienced the power of music. Vibration. Its effects on our bodies, minds, and emotions are palpable and used regularly to “self-medicate” if you will. Food is the same.

Learning to eat by the vibrational scale of food can do wonders for our health. Of course, people and their situations are different, but we are all trying to live our best lives possible. Health is the most important aspect of that, though underestimated and unappreciated until a chronic problem manifests. Another message we have been repeatedly told is that it comes with aging, or that a horrible quality of life is normal. All of that is garbage agenda gaslighting. A clever way to keep us mitigated and convinced we are far less than we are.

Eating natural food grown from the Earth is ideal for us, as it is grown in good soil, clean fresh water, and magnificent sunlight that creates nutrients. Sadly, each of those has been under a very calculated attack for as long as civilization has been on Earth. Some very public and frequent attacks as of late. In the correct environment the food that is grown thrives, and consuming that food helps us to thrive physically and energetically. Growing our food allows us to have more control over those aspects that have been under attack. It takes a surprisingly small space to grow a significant amount of food for a household.

A very interesting practice that I have read about, and plan to try, is to infuse each seed you grow with your DNA or that of the person for which the food is intended (ie: get your saliva on the seeds). It is said that seed is so intelligent that it will change its properties to meet the individual needs of the DNA that it is infused with. Thereby growing into food that will meet individual needs for each person. So if you have several people in your household, they each can have a garden plot and have their very own medicine.

The food industry is the farthest thing from high-vibrating, natural, healthy food from start to finish. And it is no mystery why America is the most unhealthy society in the world. It is a very complex web of variables, but make no mistake, food is at the center, and beyond that, it’s energy. The low vibrations of our social norms.

I, personally, strongly believe in life’s ability to heal therefore people can, at any moment, heal and grow. It is difficult to change things that we are so familiar with or ignorant of. But it is entirely possible. It starts with educating ourselves and being open to the things that are natural and empowering for us, which is exactly why those powers that be attack it at every turn.

Start with the simple rebellion of growing your food, and being kind to one another and most of all to ourselves since what we experience in our outer world is merely a reflection of our inner worlds. We have a such great capacity to create Heaven on Earth. Let us rebel against this unnatural agenda.

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