Texas Asserts Border Control

In the ongoing dispute between Texas and the federal government over the US-Mexico border, Governor Greg Abbott has taken a bold step by announcing his intention to defy both the Biden administration and a recent 5-4 Supreme Court decision. Abbott aims to install additional razor wire, escalating tensions surrounding the hot-button issue of migration.

Despite the Supreme Court’s recent ruling supporting the federal government’s authority to remove existing concertina wire as directed by Abbott, the governor, known for his hard-right stance, remains resolute. He is pushing forward with plans to fortify sections of the US-Mexico border.

While federal agents, armed with the Supreme Court’s approval, were granted the authority to dismantle the razor wire, Abbott contends that nothing prevents him from instructing the Texas National Guard to continue laying down more wire. The National Guard, though part of the US military and overseen by the US president as commander-in-chief, takes orders from its state governor in specific situations where federal control is not explicitly asserted.

Abbott leans on the Invasion Clause, based on the US and Texas constitutions, to argue that he has the right to enforce border security and immigration matters by likening migrants to a public foreign enemy. However, immigration matters were officially consolidated under federal control by the 2012 Supreme Court case Arizona v United States.


Law professor Fatma Marouf, from Texas A&M University’s School of Law, sees Abbott’s decision to lay more wire as a direct challenge to the Supreme Court’s order. She highlights the court’s ruling in favor of federal control over the border, emphasizing the humanitarian need for Customs and Border Protection officers to access the riverbank.


In Abbott’s recent statement, he accuses President Biden of using taxpayer dollars to “tear open” the border, alleging a breach in the compact between the United States and the states. Abbott argues that the executive branch’s constitutional duty to enforce laws has been violated, resulting in a surge in illegal immigration.


Civil rights organizations, including the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), condemn Abbott’s use of razor wire and other deterrents as “inhumane.” This is funny as immigrants are not U.S citizens unless and until they come into the country the proper way and complete the legal process, therefore it should be our priority to protect our land and real citizens. LULAC’s national president, Domingo García, supports the Supreme Court ruling, emphasizing that only the federal government should have jurisdiction over border and immigration issues. García dismisses Abbott’s actions as political maneuvers, costing taxpayers millions without addressing the humanitarian crisis at the border. Buuuut, we won’t discuss the millions and billions bleeding out for years worth of fraud, theft, and whatever other backdoor deals have been going on supporting cover-ups and genocide in other countries.


Amid this ongoing dispute, Abbott’s publicly funded Operation Lone Star program comes into focus. A collaborative effort between the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Military Department, it aims to curb irregular migration. This operation coincides with an uptick in border crossings, driven by the inability to claim asylum through official channels.


As the Texas border control debate continues, the nation watches closely, wondering whether Abbott’s assertive stance will lead to a resolution or further legal battles. The clash between state and federal authorities unfolds against the backdrop of intense discussions in Washington over legislation to tighten border restrictions, raising crucial questions about the future of America’s immigration policies. And we also must be mindful not to be sucked into a situation that gives the Feds the right to come in guns blazing. It’s a bold and important statement that we all can take notes, understanding the rights and powers of each state to protect its citizens and domain.


The Feds have run rampant openly and blatantly against our citizens and these United States; maybe this is a nice wake-up call.

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