Titanic Submarine and Frankenmeat

The recent approval of cultivated meat by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may seem like a monumental step forward, but let’s take a closer look. In this blog post, we’ll uncover the questionable actions of the FDA, shed light on the sinister intentions of none other than Bill Gates, and explore the conspiracy theories that surround the rise of cultivated meat.


So, the FDA decided to give the green light to lab-grown meat, huh? How convenient. It’s hard not to question the timing and motives behind this decision. Are we really supposed to believe that they suddenly developed a conscience for animal welfare and environmental sustainability? It’s more likely that there are hidden strings being pulled behind the scenes. Interestingly using the “Titanic Submarine” fiasco as a distraction in the media is funny to me because this is yet another sinking ship going down by an iceberg that only shows the top 10% as the story and intention always go so much deeper, and never in the right direction, for We the People.


Ah, Bill Gates, the man who seemingly has his fingers in every pie. From technology to healthcare, and now cultivated mystery meat, he’s everywhere. But what’s really going on here? Gates is part of consistent plots to establish a New World Order. And guess what? Cultivated meat plays right into their hands. It’s the perfect cover for their grand scheme!


As we peel back the layers of the cultivated meat conspiracy, the FDA’s approval and Bill Gates’ involvement take on a more dubious hue. The motivations behind these developments may not be as altruistic as they appear. Are we being led down a path of global domination and population control? Only time will tell. It’s crucial to question authority, examine hidden agendas, and demand transparency in the face of emerging technologies like cultivated meat. So, keep your eyes open and your mind sharp because the truth may be far stranger than we can imagine.


The madness has got to end. The ones in charge do not make moves in our favor. It’s a scary time we are living in. I’m not really sure what can be done from a legal standpoint or from an individual’s standpoint to protect ourselves from this Frankenfood. We will keep tracking this culinary abomination and see what turns up.

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