Let’s talk about a famous UFO sighting and interaction that is one of the most well-documented incidents in recent history. Rendlesham Forest.


Early morning hours on Boxing Day, December 26, 1980, in Suffolk, UK U.S. Airforce base personnel reported seeing strange lights in the sky over the neighboring Rendlesham Forest. What’s so fantastic about this sighting is that witnesses state that they actually saw the craft land.


The two officers tasked with investigating the strange red and blue lights, Officer John Burroughs and Officer Jim Penniston set out to find the lights. They stated that they approach a landed craft that appeared to be a black obsidian type of material. Penniston is said to have seen symbols on the side of the craft and when he touched it was given a type of telepathic download of imagery containing binary code. A message. The craft later launched at unbelievable speed and near silence, “defying the laws of physics”. The craft flew over toward a nearby farmhouse notably bothering livestock and wildlife who apparently became loud and unnerved by the presence of the lights and the craft itself. Burroughs and Penniston pursued the craft in the direction that it flew only to find that it essentially disappeared at speeds they have never seen.



The officers were unsure what to make of their experience and were advised by commanding officers to downplay this nonsense story, later sworn to silence altogether. Only Penniston wrote a report following the command given and gave a very vague account of their encounter.

“…The craft was three meters tall, and about three meters wide at the base […] No landing gear was apparent, but it seemed like she was on fixed legs… I moved a little closer… I walked around the craft, and finally, I walked right up to the craft. I noticed the fabric of the shell was more like a smooth, opaque, black glass…” 


Penniston went back to the location of the landing the next day to investigate further. He found broken limbs on surrounding trees, circular impressions in the ground as well as burn marks where the craft had landed and subsequently taken off. He took plaster cast impressions of the landing marks.


The next day December 28th there was another report of a sighting at the base. The craft had returned. This time the deputy base commander Lt. Col. Charles Halt decided to put together a team and take a video recorder along with night scopes and flood lights as well as radiation detection devices called Geiger counters, to investigate the occurrence. The flood lights were set up around the perimeter, but all malfunctioned somehow so the men continued with night vision scopes and noted heat signatures on the broken tree limbs in the path that the craft had come through. As well as very high radiation readings on the burn marks left by the craft. Col. Halt stated seeing red blinking lights, red and blue lights, and at one point a large light beam came down from the craft that looked to be about 2000 ft in the air, the beam coming down to the men’s feet on the ground. He said he was quite concerned not knowing whether this beam of light might possibly be a weapon. He was able to record the incident which has since been released in transcript form.


Halt made the only official statement in a memo that he wrote, which he said was “never intended to be released to the public.” Col. Halt, like all others who witnessed the incident, was sworn to secrecy. Most of the men denied any knowledge or involvement, even to Col. Halt, until they retired. At this time Halt began receiving full-blown admission statements from his former subordinates. When asked why the air traffic control denied seeing anything at the time the Colonel and his men were out in the forest attempting to track the craft, the men admitted that they lied because every air traffic controller reported a UFO they were de-certified. So they all chose to remain silent until they retired. One air traffic controller stated they witnessed the “bogey” cross their 60-yard scope in 2-3 seconds which would mean the craft was flying at thousands of miles per hour. Astounding and impossible by our earthly standards and current capabilities.


Several of these men, Halt and Penniston, have written books explaining their encounters. Penniston famously has a notebook where he feverishly wrote his experience in the moments of the incident. Including the binary message, he was given. That aspect is one of the more fascinating parts of this story.



Many mathematicians, physicists, and other scholars have studied the binary code Penniston wrote down and found absolutely amazing mathematical coordinates and constants. Some point to the Great Pyramids. I sourced a website that breaks down a lot of those coordinates for a deeper dive. I’ve recently been following a polymath named Robert Edward Grant who speaks about Penniston’s binary message and how continual discoveries within mathematics are consistently proving Penniston’s message he wrote in his notebook. Pointing to ancient history and incredible knowledge that seems out of reach for many of, even, the most educated and highly reputed scholars today let alone the idea that we are the most advanced throughout human history. Something that Col. Halt called “intelligent control” brought a craft to deliver a message to these men in Rendlesham Forest in December 1980 that points to ancient mysteries within our human history.


These topics are shrouded in mystery and fiercely spoken against by many mainstream establishments. Our military wanted the story to be unreported and forgotten. It is one of many accounts of higher beings reaching out to point us in the direction of our own history, and hidden knowledge.



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