Boy Genius, Max Loughin (Laughlin)

Who is Max Loughin and where is he?

Unless you’re familiar with the SuspectSky documentary that revisited “The Mandela Effect,” I’m not sure how many of you would have heard of the boy genius Max Loughin (some spell it Laughlin). I remember seeing a few things over the past few years about his astonishing intellect and ideas that pushed hard against the status quo of the scientific community of the time. Max Loughin ruffled feathers with his claims about God and the Bible, parallel universes, free energy, and quantum entanglement. He received quite a lot of blowback from modern-day physicists and scientists as he explained his extraordinary concepts and his opinion about quantum physics using a napkin.



It is amazing how the human mind works and equally amazing to see a child 13 years of age incredibly gifted with his knowledge and ability. Max introduced an invention for free energy that did not rely on conventional energy sources but harnessed the energy of radio waves. Since the introduction of this $15 energy machine made from a coffee can, there has been a lot of talk that his invention was not scalable with possible intrigue resulting in the child and his family having gone quiet.



Many have compared Max to Nikola Tesla, another renegade of his time who was attacked by the powers-that-be as he dreamed of a world where everyone had access to free energy. The unthinkable at the time was a reality in Tesla’s mind and routinely created in his laboratory. Most of us are at least mildly familiar with Tesla’s story and the seemingly common outcome of his life, destroyed by the millionaire elite, and their government pets who when threatened stole and covered up all the journals, inventions, and experiments that Tesla created.



Many of us who have been around for a few decades have probably heard of “The Mandela Effect.” I know I have personally experienced several and it is infinitely fascinating to see how people recollect things that are now different, many of which are claimed to never have existed in the way we remember them. Boy genius, Max, explained how The European Organization of Nuclear Research or CERN had possibly destroyed our universe and shifted us into the nearest parallel universe.



CERN was said to have been tested back in 2012 in an attempt to recreate the Big Bang. Max spoke very confidently that CERN destroyed our universe and shifted us to the nearest parallel universe creating this Mandela Effect we experience now. When asked why some people remember things differently than others, Max suggested that when CERN destroyed our universe it caused us to move into a new one where some people were already and everything merged without us even realizing it. This would mean that people don’t even know that they are from two different universes.



There has been a recent uptick in content about Max claiming he has essentially “disappeared.” When researching this story I discovered that many videos of Max explaining his thoughts on God and other controversial topics are now unavailable, especially on Youtube. I discovered one blog assuring that Max and his family are living lowkey now with Max in his early 20s, but I’m not sure as of this writing the true reason behind all the hype and concern over Max having somehow disappeared and scrubbed from the Internet, although being “black bagged” sounds in line with our recent first amendment violations, internet censorship, and the age-old control of information from the powers that be.



Regardless of what may or may not have happened with Max, I’m sure it will all come out in time. This young man has been an inspiration and a prodigy, a great scientific mind, and extremely impressive at any age let alone 12-13 years old when he first hit the internet stage. He was attacked by the science community and only this year, 2022, the Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to scientists for proving quantum entanglement.



This happened eight years after boy genius spoke up against mainstream science and now he has been vindicated. Good on ya Max.

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