The Premier Robber Baron

We are all familiar with the stories of the infamous billionaire Rockefeller family, so let’s begin to chronicle the life of the most famous John D Rockefeller, born to a snake oil salesman, John D put the family on the map by monopolizing the oil industry into Standard Oil and becoming the country’s first billionaire.

John D was later forced to sell his oil monopoly as it violated anti-trust laws. And in proper snake oil businessman fashion, Rockefeller broke apart Standard oil into 30 companies and maintained ownership and/or beneficiary to each one to maintain control and skyrocket financial gain.

The first-ever American billionaire set his sights on further profit and control using the philanthropic assassination of social and personal freedoms. In the early 1900’s it was discovered that petrochemicals could be created, and more importantly patented, into numerous products including what we know today as “medicine” which generates hyperinflated profits among many other benefits.

As with any war tactic, competition and opposition must be eliminated. Rockefeller enlisted his good friend Andrew Carnegie and his Carnegie Foundation to assist in facilitating the hostile takeover of the medical field by inducting a man named Abraham Flexner whom they paid to travel the country to “assess medical schools and practitioners”.

Flexner’s subsequent report cried out for “medical reform” (Shocker!) And the smear campaign began, out with the millennia-old, and effective, holistic practices (including women as mid-wives) and in with the new standards and licensure of Rockefeller’s $100 million funded colleges, hospitals, and the newly created “General Education Board”. Many medical schools were forced to close while holistic and natural practitioners were “run out on a rail” and many were even jailed for not complying with the new age of medicine.

The American Medical Association was founded in 1847 and incorporated in 1897 In the early 1900s, the AMA realized that there needed to be some changes in medical education. Medical practice and education in some areas left a lot to be desired (poor training and understaffed medical schools). It created the Council on Medical Education, to evaluate countrywide medical training and make improvements where needed. However, they didn’t have enough money to do this. Enter Rockefeller and Carnegie and their funding and popularity. The president of the Carnegie Foundation, Henry Pritchett, met with the AMA and offered to take over the entire Council on Medical Education project.” 

In short order, the medical industry was born pumping out “one trick pony” students all taught the same doctrine. “A pill for every ill”, the body is a machine made up of separate parts and if any part is not functioning can be cut out. Specialists became the norm and society was quickly inculcated with the idea that their doctors are the only ones who know your health thus taking away all trust and independent thought from us.

It’s amazing how in 30ish years (less than two generations), entire nations can be hijacked and brainwashed into believing any storyline that they are continuously fed.

We know that mono-culture crops are not as resilient as a diversity of crops. Same goes for thought. With all the hundreds of different healing modalities out there, why would we want to narrow it down to one system, if we were truly interested in health?”

Flexner Report: Rockefeller AMA, Western Medicine Takeover Makia Freeman

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